Posted by: literallydelicious | February 21, 2011

Parmesan Zucchini

Have you heard the small-town zucchini joke?

You know you live in a small town when the only time people lock their car doors is when the zucchini gets ripe.

I love zucchini and have never had the luck to know anyone sharing a bumper crop. It doesn’t matter how it’s fixed; it’s delicious, period. When we grill, we toss zucchini, summer squash and portobellos on the grill, too, and they are always to die for. And who doesn’t love fried zucchini with ranch dressing? Yumm.

I found this recipe when we lived in California. For years, if I cooked three times a month, that was a big deal, so we ate this about once every year or so. Now we have zucchini at least a couple times a month, and this is one of our favorite ways to fix it.


This is another of those concept recipes: how much oil and parmesan you need depends on how much zucchini you use.


olive oil

sea salt

fresh or jarred grated Parmesan

1. Clean and slice the zucchini.

2. Heat oil in a large skillet until shimmery. Add zucchini, sprinkle with sea salt and saute over medium-high heat until tender. Continue cooking until some of the zucchini develops a dark caramelized crust.

3. Immediately before serving, toss with Parmesan.



  1. This is another must try recipe!
    Yum and so good for you.

    • Zucchini is quickly becoming one of my favorite veggies. I haven’t yet found anything to do to it where it’s not still delicious!

  2. Stick a couple of zuchinni plants in the ground and you, too, can have a bumper crop. I love them just about any way you can fix them.
    Have you ever grilled asparagus? A little oil, salt and pepper and yummers!!! It’ll make your tongue lap your brains out.
    Just have to be careful they don’t fall down between the grates.

    • I haven’t tried to grow zucchini, but this year I think I will — that and cukes and maybe cantaloupes. (I LOVE cantaloupe.)

      I don’t think I’ve ever fixed asparagus at all except for a quiche and a pizza recipe. I like it; I just don’t think of it often.

      The best thing about my grill: it’s infrared cooking, and the openings on the grill are small. Nothing falls through. Cleaning it is a little more work, but that’s okay. I’m going to test my barbecued ribs recipe on it this spring and see how that goes.

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