Posted by: literallydelicious | January 24, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

These are a few things I wouldn’t want to live without in my kitchen. My best friend turned me on to the Weber Six-Pepper spice. It’s amazing. Comes in its own grinder, which I immediately tried to pry open so I could use my easier, faster electric grinder. I couldn’t manage it, but the stuff tastes so darn good on meats, soups, burgers, even fried eggs, that I grind away.

Our son uses the McCormick Montreal Steak grill seasoning. I have to say, I can’t think of anything that makes a grilled steak or burger taste better. My husband will put it on anything.

I brought back two bottles of Villa Vainilla from Cozumel in November, plus the bottle of Tlixochitl. They’re both very good — evidenced by the fact that I polished off the Tlixochitl (tlee-so-cheet-ul, I think) in less than a month and am halfway through the first Villa bottle. I was surprised that they have distinctly different flavors, considering that the ingredients are the same. I use vanilla in baking, of course, but primarily in flavoring my Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and iced tea. Next time I get to Mexico, I’m shipping crates of the Tlixochitl home. It’s incredible.

The Torani hazelnut flavoring. Iced Topeca coffee, a dash of hazelnut flavored creamer and a couple dashes of the Torani syrup . . . oh my gosh.

It’s probably not fair to even talk about the two items in the glass jars. The one in front is an Asian spice mix, and the tall one is a blend of salt, pepper, paprika (?) and I don’t know what else. They’re both specialties of my friend, Meg, who only gives them as gifts, so I can cook with them but, unless you know her, you can’t. I’d love to see her right that injustice by marketing her MegSpices. Maybe when she’s finished exploring the world.



  1. I have most of those same ingredients! Thanks for the plug, but I’m never going to market it. Just for friends.

    • Maybe if someone offers you big bucks . . . 😉

      But as long as I have my supply, I’m happy!

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