Posted by: literallydelicious | August 4, 2010

Summer Grilling

Okay, so I bit the bullet. While I love charcoal grills, I bought a gas grill last week. It had been just too many times of starting the coals, getting distracted with the dishes I was fixing inside, then coming out to find the coals had burned too long and were barely warm enough to get even a sizzle going.

We bought a Charbroil Quantum infrared grill, and so far, not bad. (Requires more cleaning than the charcoal but not too much.) We’ve grilled steaks, burgers, zucchini and portobellos on it, and it’s all been delicious, though I still miss that charcoal flavor.

I’ve heard jokes for years about people growing zucchini (“the only time people lock their car doors around here is when the zucchini’s ripe”), but I think I’m gonna have to consider planting some next year. We love it — grilled, sauteed, fried, baked. I stopped at a farmer’s market in town yesterday and bought their last six zucchinis and added them to our cabbage and sausage and fried green tomatoes dinner. Yumm.

My latest find: Montreal Steak Seasoning. Adds something special to steaks on the grill.



  1. Yay! You’re in the 21st Century!!!
    If you let the fat from your burgers/steaks/so forth hit the heat and smoke up, you’ll get that flavor.

    • It’s close, but not the same. đŸ˜¦

      We got the kiddos an early Christmas present of a charcoal/gas grill combo. He grills 4-5 times a week and loves charcoal for steaks and burgers and gas for everything else. And it’s huge — says it can cook sixty burgers at once. Ours is fairly small, but since we only grill for two, I can put the entire meal on there, if I just get it timed right. I’m still learning that.

  2. Try non-meat items on the grill. Potatoes (sliced about 3/4″ thick) corn, asparagus, squash, onions, peaches–you name it, it grills up good.
    Just brush on a little olive oil and spices that enhance the flavor and YUMMERS!
    It’ll make your tongue lap your brains out.

    • Potatoes . . . yummm. And I saw what looked like an incredibly good recipe for Mexican street corn the other day — lots of spices, dipped in mayonnaise and sour cream (I think) when it comes off the grill . . . Made my mouth water just looking at it. We love zucchini and squash and pineapples grilled. Hadn’t ever considered peaches. Sounds interesting.

  3. Stop it! You’re making me hungery. I LOVE grilled veggies!

    • I’ve always liked them, but I’m learning to love them now.

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