Posted by: literallydelicious | July 12, 2010

Gin & Cocktail Sauce

There used to be a little place on Riverside in Tulsa called S&J Oysters, and it was where I learned to like cocktail sauce. Up until then, I’d always preferred butter and lemon for dipping shrimp, but one day our waitress made sauce for us at the table, and I’ve loved it ever since.




Worcestershire sauce


hot pepper sauce


1. Mix all ingredients well and serve with seafood.

I don’t ever measure any of this. Start with a cup or so of ketchup, a tablespoon or so of the Worcestershire and horseradish, a few drops of hot sauce and a half ounce of gin, then tweak to your tastes.



  1. Yummerss…. I will try it with the gin.

  2. The gin gives it a nice . . . I don’t know, bite, I guess. Just an added dimension. Though I often make it without the gin, and it’s still great.

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