Posted by: literallydelicious | June 11, 2010

Fast Food

I haven’t been doing much cooking lately — not a whole lot of posting here either, LOL. Between the day job, playing with the grandkiddo, getting my mom’s house ready to sale, and spending every moment I can in the yard, meals lately have been more convenience. Luckily, my husband isn’t picky. He’s happy with a hot dog or canned soup. We both like Hamburger Helper, and I keep some quick stuff in the freezer — spaghetti sauce, chicken broth and frozen noodles, lots of shrimp.

This week we tried the Wanchai Ferry sweet-and-sour chicken boxed dinner. We love Asian dishes, and this one wasn’t bad. A little too sweet on the sauce, and the rice wound up sticky, and not in a good way. I actually think I could have made a better dish from scratch (except for bottled sauce) in about the same amount of time.

That’s the great thing about cooking: there are so many recipes that really are fast food, and they taste great. Once you make the shopping list and buy the groceries, you’ve got it made. For us, living in the country, there’s not much I can’t make quicker than it takes to drive into town and pick up something.

It just takes a little planning.



  1. I know I eat far more fast food than I should.

    • It can be so darn easy, can’t it? I can have dinner planned, but when I come home from Mom’s house at 9 or 9:30, all I can think is fast food one more time, and THEN I’ll do better. Ha!

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