Posted by: literallydelicious | May 6, 2010

Man Cannot Live on Corn Dogs Alone

But kids, apparently, can.

My grandson is 2 1/2, a long skinny drip of a kid. His favorite food in the world is corn dogs. Not that he ever eats an entire one. I’ve seen him peel off the breading and eat the weiner, or eat the breading and toss the weiner. But any time you ask him what he wants for breakfast/lunch/dinner, it’s always the same: a corn dog.

His parents lament the fact that he’s not much of an eater, but he’s healthy, active and can run circles around all of us without a problem. He loves the aforementioned corn dogs, chicken fingers and chocolate. He’s willing to try other foods; he just always gravitates back to his faves. (Just as he’s willing to play with other toys, but his all-time favorites are brooms or anything he can sweep with — but that’s a whole other blog.)

I never had a favorite food like that when I was a kid — just as well, since the one thing my mom wasn’t was a short-order cook. She didn’t ask us what we wanted for any meal; she fixed it and put it on the table, and we ate it or we went hungry. Kids today would starve if their parents held to that policy, though it’s always made perfect sense to me. Even as a kid, I knew Mom was too busy to cook multiple dishes to suit each person’s tastes.

I’m waiting for the grandkid to get tired of corn dogs and chicken fingers so we can share the whole wide world of food waiting for him out there. Yumm!



  1. My oldest son, at the age of 18 months, stopped eating anything but scrambled eggs, milk, and beer from his grandmother at hockey games. I got so worried about his nutrician, I put him back on formula. (No Pediasure in those days.) Once he passed that phase, He wouldn’t eat an egg for two years.

    The comes along my youngest. His favorite food was mac and cheese. Homemade, blue box, didn’t matter to him.

    But both of them by shcool age could outeat me in guacamole!

    • Scrambled eggs and beer . . . ewwww.

      Our kid was real finicky about his food, but we never pushed him because everyone said don’t worry, he’ll eat when he’s hungry, no kid ever starved himself. When he was three or four, he got sick, went to the doctor and found out he was malnourished. Blew me away. After that, I spent a LOT of time making sure he ate.

      Though I understand repetition. I could eat Asian food seven days a week, with an occasional break for Mexican, BBQ, and pasta. 😉

      • Most kids won’t starve to death. They won’t necessarily eat healthy food all the time, but they will eat enough to keep going. But that doesn’t mean they’ll thrive. They still need the proper nutrients; that’s why I put Frank back on formula. It had more nutriants than milk and there wasn’t Pedisure in those days.

      • One of our puppers had an infarction of the spinal cord (I think?) not long after we moved here, and for a long time, Pediasure was the only thing he would drink. He loved the bubblegum flavor. It helped him — he was 19 years old (!!) when he died.

  2. Amy ate only cereal for a year, then it was only chicken nuggets. Glad to see that she has expanded her menu!

    • I’m glad, too! It makes her so much more fun to go out to eat with!

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