Posted by: literallydelicious | March 26, 2010

Asparagus Pizza

Who can resist it? Mom wasn’t wild about it, but I can’t think of a single person I know who just doesn’t like it. I’ll eat frozen if there’s no other option, but I prefer homemade (more or less) or Papa John’s. (Though the Mazzio’s in Sand Springs has a pretty good vegetarian.) We got turned on to Papa John’s when we lived in North Carolina, which I think is their home base, but I can’t swear to it. I love love the garlic butter sauce for dipping the crispy crust edges into.

I’ll admit, I don’t make crusts. I just buy Mama Mary’s at WalMart. There was a time when yeast and flour and kneading didn’t intimidate me, but now I take the easy way out. I don’t have a pizza stone, either. I just heat an overturned jelly roll pan in a hot oven and put the crust on that.

Lately, for a really quick pizza, I’ve been using wheat wraps. They make a great crust for the outer ring, but the middle part is too delicate to support the weight of the toppings. I bought some regular flour tortillas to try. They’ve got a little more bulk, so they should stand up a bit better.

For this pizza, though, go with the Mama Mary’s.


— use amounts to your own taste–

1 pizza crust

diced red peppers

sliced black olives

sliced mushrooms

asparagus (if frozen, thaw; if fresh, blanch; if canned, drain)

fresh-grated Parm or Romano

crumbled feta

1. Sprinkle crust with veggies and cheese. Bake at 375 degrees until hot and cheese is melty.



  1. This sounds delicious! And I love asparagus.

    • I was surprised to find out that I love it, too! It wasn’t one of the veggies that appeared on our table when I was growing up. We were big on corn, potatoes, salad, green beans, peas . . . nothing more exotic than radishes that I can recall. But Bob loves asparagus, so he introduced me to it. Yumm!

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