Posted by: literallydelicious | February 22, 2010

Snow Ice Cream

When we were kids, one of the things we always looked forward to was the second snow of the winter because that was when Mom made us the super-special treat of snow ice cream. (It couldn’t be made from the first snow, no matter how we pleaded; according to all the adults, the first snow cleared the gunk out of the air. I know, it doesn’t sound so logical now, but we were kids; we believed it.

Our job was to gather the clean snow. We’d find a deep pile of it, scrape off the top few inches, then fill our bowl, making sure that we didn’t get anywhere near the grass, dirt, bird prints, etc. We’d rush inside, and Mom worked fast, adding the proper proportions of cream and vanilla. There were no measurements; she eyeballed it, tasted it and eventually pronounced it right. And we gobbled it down.

After we retired back to Oklahoma, I tried to make snow ice cream, but it just wasn’t the same. I don’t know if my amounts were wrong, or if the snow tastes different these days with all the pollution. I know laundry hung on the line sure smells different today than it did in my childhood (and not in a good way), and that egg yolks today, except for the home-raised ones, are a way different color and taste from the rich, deep yellow ones Granny Strain provided us. So it’s not a big leap to think that decades of population growth and chemical enhancements and pollution and soil depletion have changed the taste of snow, too.

But I’ve got my memories, and those are worth a fortune.



  1. I remember Mama making snow ice cream. It was delicious! But I’ve never tried.
    Do you have a recipe?

  2. I don’t. Mom just took a big bowl of snow, added probably a teaspoon or so of vanilla, then stirred in enough cream to make it a kind of slushy consistency. It was always wonderful, though!

  3. I thought there’d be sugar or something to sweeten it.

    • Hmm, I don’t remember sugar . . . but then, I LOVE vanilla and cream together. I don’t think I’d want any sugar added.

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